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Glad to see you found your way to my page. Recently, I realized how terrible my page had become and that it was time to change that. So, I decided to create a really good, modern, and hopefully – interesting page for visitors. The days of this page receiving little attention are over. It should be a place where I can give proper presentation to the things I am proud of and had put a lot of effort into. One of the important things- but not the only one, is a contemporary presentation of my iOS app “Resistance Calculator.” Another point is the artwork I have created over the years on the theme of coil building. I am very proud of some of the quite elaborate photos and I think they should have a place here. Additionally, I want to represent myself a little better than just with a small text and a single photo. So that’s the plan for this page, and the work starts right now!

Project 1

Coil Building Photography

A cutting-edge art form that showcases creativity, attention to detail and pushes the boundaries of what’s possible.
Project 2

Resistance Calculator App

Since there was no tool available on iOS to calculate the electrical resistance of heating coils at that time, I decided to develop one myself. After about a year of development, I was able to successfully publish the app “Blendstylez – Resistance Calculator” on the App Store. The app features an intuitive and clean designed interface, and has been continuously improved and refined since its release.
I rely on user feedback to tailor the app to their needs as much as possible. Due to high demand from the community, the app was rewritten for Android shortly after release and successfully published to the Play Store as well.

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