ResCalc mobile App

“Blendstylez – Resistance Calculator” is an easy to use application to calculate electrical resistance of custom heating coils.

Available for iOS (iPhone, iPad, Mac OS) and Google Play store

You just need to set some basic values:

  • Number of wires inside the coil
  • Shape and measure of used wires
  • Material of choice
  • Inner diameter and number of turns

The calculator will do all the work for you, and will show detailed informations for you, like:

  • optimal operating power
  • final resistance
  • power at a specific defined voltage
  • current (Ampere)
  • power density
  • needed wire length
  • core wire width

The graphical user Interface was built up with one central idea in mind:

“keep things as simple as possible”

together with a beautiful and simple design, self developed illustrations, and visualizations – i hope you will have as much fun using this tool as i had build and designing it over the last past year.

“Blendstylez – ResCalc” availability:

If you have any kind of question or feedback about this application, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me

you can do this here: write me an e-mail: